*Membership dues must be paid no less than 48 hours before the scholarship submission deadline for that scholarship year for processing.  Applicants who or whose families are not paid members for the current Membership year by at least 48 hours before the scholarship submission deadline will not be scored or considered for a scholarship that year. Join TCHS Theatre Boosters here.

2020 Applications are now CLOSED

2020 ​​​College Scholarship Eligibility and Background Summary

Eligibility | Background | Instructions

To be eligible for consideration for a TCHS Theatre Boosters College Scholarship, applicants must have attended Timber Creek High School for the entire school year and scholarships will be awarded regardless of age, sex, race, color, creed or religious association.  Applicant or their family must be a paid TCHS Theatre Boosters Member to be considered for a scholarship*.

Only one scholarship per applicant per type (Camp or College) per school year will be awarded.  The College scholarship recipient must provide proof of enrollment to an accredited college (including community, performing arts and junior college), university or technical school, and the funds must be paid directly to the school by the end of the same calendar year they are awarded or the scholarship is forfeited and the funds will be retained in TCHS Theatre Booster scholarship account.  The number of scholarships and final amounts awarded will be dependent on our booster club budget. 

Applicants must complete an application form which includes a 200-300 word essay, and submit at least one letter of recommendation from an adult over the age of 21 who is not a direct relative, in addition to any supporting documents to be considered for a scholarship.  All college applications will be reviewed by a selection panel of three judges nominated by the TCHS Theatre Boosters Scholarship Committee, consisting of two Boosters members (non-senior parents only) and one at-large representative (i.e., generally with ties to theatre, or an administrator, counselor and/or teacher and may be a Boosters member). 

Applications will be scored based on a weighted scale with each panel member awarding points in each area of the application, the essay, and the letter of recommendation.  Points are awarded for participation in and of support of the performing arts as well as the essay and the letter of recommendation.  The total scores for each applicant from each judge are added together and averaged to determine the applicant's final score.


“Participation in” includes auditions (whether or not the applicant got a role), and “Support of” includes not only all crew and front of house positions, but also any and all volunteer and support to the theatre productions and to the theatre department, whether or not credited.  As such, it is in the applicant’s best interest and important to list any and all items relating to performing arts including auditions and volunteer support.

All information provided to the TCHS Theatre Boosters, the Scholarship Committee and to the Selection Panel shall be considered private and confidential and for use only by the committee during the scholarship selection process.  All decisions made by the Scholarship Committee shall be considered final.