2018 College Scholarship Award Winners

Back L-R:  Raegan White, Nathaniel Hicks, Braeden De La Garza, Samantha Bajonera, Hailey Anders, Aaron Frye, Megan McCormack

Front L-R:  Karen Sager, Jaden Slaughter, Rachel Scherer, Floriana Azemi,Maddie Ott, Jesse Champion

​​J. Scott Gage, Brittany Chapman, Ally Feuling

2015 Camp Scholarship Award Winners

L-R: Bailey Collier, Maddie Ott, Mckinlee Shaw,

Olivia Smith, Raegan White

TCHS Theater Boosters Awards 2020 Scholarships

2020 Camp Scholarship Winners

2016 Camp Scholarship Award Winners

L-R: Haley Price, Caroline Norton, Caleb Shaw, Gabi Galloway

2020 College Scholarship Award Winners

Emmie Ambrose, Hailey Anders, Autumn Sanders, Sydnee Jones, Nathaniel Hicks, Montse Luna, Lucas Bradanini and Brennan Wright 

Emma Norton, Adella Ott, Delaney Ross, Bella Hasan, Sophia Zamora, Phoebe Lowe, Ethan Hyatt, Korey Sayre, Kady Waldmann and Brody Gaskill

2016 College Scholarship Award Winners

Above Back L-R:  Emmie Ambrose, Sydnee Jones, Raegan White, Hailey Anders, Braeden De La Garza, Nathaniel Hicks
Above Front L-R:  Amanda Lastorino, Bailey Collier, Karen Sager, Floriana Azemi

(to the Right): Sam Clapp, Korey Sayer

Back Row

Trevor Shoemaker, Daniel Nkoola, Charlie Keefe, Aaron Jaggers, Megan McCormack, Ben Burke (Ollie Burke accepted), Tavin Bothel, Blake Cooper

Front Row

Jake Slaughter, Rachel Scherer, Haley Price, Rylee Jones,

Katie Hicks, Marissa Harris, Gabi Galloway

2017 Camp Scholarship Award Winners

2018 Camp Scholarship Award Winners

L-R: Bailey Cooper, Jacob Galloway, Jake Slaughter, Carly Dolliger, Daniel Nkoola,  Katie Hicks

2015 College Scholarship Award Winners

2019 Camp Scholarship Award Winners

2019 College Scholarship Award Winners

2017 College Scholarship Award Winners

L-R: Jack Gray, Megan McCormack

The TCHS Theater Boosters awarded $13,000 in scholarships, to Seniors for College and underclassman for Camp.  The scholarships were awarded to students for demonstrating outstanding involvement in the Timber Creek Theater Department, excellence in theater achievement, and promise in future thespian efforts.

These scholarships are 100% funded by the TCHS Theater Booster’s Club through membership, concessions and fundraising activities!

Congratulations to all 2020 TCHS Theater Boosters Scholarship Award Winners! 

 L-R:  Emmie Ambrose, Hailey Anders, Sam Clapp, Zachary Feuling, Nathaniel Hicks, Ethan Hyatt, Sydnee Jones, Montserrat Luna, Korey Sayre

Back L-R:  Jesse Champion, Rachel Scherer, Kaleigh Smith, Caleb Shaw, Madison Ott, Karen Sager, Aaron Jaggers, Aaron Frye, Rylee Jones,

Front L-R:  Caroline Norton, Samantha Moreno,

Megan McCormack, Floriana Azemi, Jaden Slaughter,

Haley Price, Emma Tarter, Gabi Galloway

Not Pictured: Marisa Harris